Learn how to Spraytan

Knowing what Solution to use on your client, Colour Consulting!

Confused with what shade to spray your client in? Or maybe you’re new to spray tanning and you don’t know what to buy!
Not to worry this is your guide to all things Naked Tan!
Before every spray tan it is essential you are colour consulting with your client, this means taking the time to assess their skin tone and their wants and needs.
At Naked Tan we have a shade for every skin tone, using the Fitzpatrick skin type chart we are able to determine the appropriate colour for your spray tan treatment.

You can mix the Solutions together!

Another amazing benefit of purchasing Naked Tan is that you can mix our Professional range together. Gone are the days of pouring your solution down the sink or back into the bottle.
By mixing the solutions together you are saving product and also creating beautiful in between colours! If you want a lighter tan but have just sprayed with one of our darker products such as the exotic or chocolate, you can use the remainder of this as the base and top up with either tanned or natural.

We often find that some of our nicest spray tans are created through mixing the solutions together!
You may wish to do 50% + 50% or say 70% + 30%. Just remember whatever you pour more of will be the strongest result!
So, we bet you are thinking “When should I be mixing Solution!?” Mixing is ideal for all your clients who are on the edge of not wanting to be too dark or not wanting to be too light.

How to Clean your Tanning Machine

Knowing how often, and how to clean your spray tan gun can be difficult here are our top tips on keeping your spray tan equipment FRESH!

You do not need to wash out your cup after every spray tan. If you are someone who washes their cup out after every spray babe, you are wasting your time!
You should be rinsing your cup out at the end of each day with warm water. Washing in between clients is risky as your cup still may be wet when you pour in the solution, this will cause your solution to go green!

At the end of each spray tanning fill your cup up with warm water and some mentholated spirits. Attach your cup to the spray tan gun and plug in your machine as if you are about to do a spray tan. Point your gun into a sink and spray your gun flushing out the warm water. This will remove any leftover sticky solution from your gun.

Always leave your gun out over night to dry in a warm area. We also recommend pointing your hose into the gun, the air from your hose will assist in drying out your gun. Never leave your gun sitting in a cup of solution overnight. The Naked Tan Solution is made of essential oils, if left over night the sticky solution will get trapped in the nozzle of your gun.

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